For Younger Guests
Children’s Pool
What kid does not love playing in the water? The especially designed Children’s Pool in our premises offers a refreshing oasis to all the children, who wish to play and have fun, dive and take part in exciting games. All safety measures have been taken, ensuring that the pool is absolutely accessible and holds no risk whatsoever. Water sports will entertain them creatively and will instill the passion for sportsmanship in them. Let the kids enjoy the friendly waters of the pool, in a wonderful environment with other kids of their age and with all the facilities that provide a remarkable watery experience!

Mini Club
Let the children play and have fun, spending their time in a creative and exciting way! At the Mini Club, there is a wide variety of crafts and games for kids to enjoy. Interacting with other children and learning how to construct handmade masterpieces, intriguing their fantasy and talent, will offer quality recreation to kids. Vacations at the Mini Club will be a great time for developing skills and taking up new hobbies, making new friends and having endless hours of pure entertainment and happiness! Take part in Olympic Games for kids, practice DIY skills and find out how to cooperate with other members in your team, compete and win, all of you. A wonderful option for kids and adults alike! 

Family Oriented Activities
The whole family will have great fun, playing together and participating in family oriented activities. Learn how to dance sirtaki or cooperate to win the competitions, play table tennis and engage in fun activities in and around the pool. Explore the island of Rhodes and let our reception help you arrange outdoor activities for the whole family. You may visit the Water Park, the Fantasy Land or even take the tour to the city on our Mini Train. Quality time with the family, precious moments you will cherish forever!
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