Rhodes is located at the meeting-point of three continents. This geographical location contributed to its turbulent history and in turn the existence today of a number of castles to defend the island. The six major ones are at Archangelos, Asklipion, Feraklos at Haraki, Kritinia, Lindos and Monolithos.

Archangelos Castle

Archangelos can be reached from the main square of the village and was built by the Crusaders in 1467 as part of a chain of defences against the Turks. Today the outer walls are the only significant remains.

Asklipios Castle

Asklipios castle is a ruined Crusader monument with an impressive entrance. Although there is little to see inside the walls, the views are excellent. 

There is a legend that at one time a tunnel ran from one of the houses to the castle to that villagers could secretly gain refuge from marauding pirates.

Feraklos Castle at Haraki

Like Archangelos, only the walls of Feraklos remain but the castle is worth a visit for the views down towards Agathi beach and to Haraki in the other direction. Interestingly, this castle was used by pirates before the Knights of St. John ousted them!

Kritinia Castle

Kritinia Castle known as Kastellos is also perched on a rock, but at 430 feet presents less of a climbing challenge!

This castle was built by the Knights of St. John and was originally on three levels with each level assigned to a different Grand Master.

The sunset from this side of the island is quite magical.

Lindos Castle

The Lindos Castle serves as an entrance to the Acropolis and was once the administrative building of the Knights.

The climb to the entrance is steep, but worth it to see two important monuments on the way up: a semi-circular Hellenistic exedra and next to it a depiction of the prow of an ancient ship carved in the rock.

Monolithos Castle

Built on the summit of a huge rock standing steep and close to the sea, is a truly impregnable fortress. It was built by the Grand Master of the Knights d'Aubusson in the 14th century to guard the sea route and protect the locals from pirate raids. Hidden inside there is a white church.

The sunset seen from here is magnificent. From the castle a road leads to a lovely secluded beach.

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